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  Ashley's Animals


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I recently bought a hedgehog from Ashley and absolutely fell in love. She is the sweetest thing ever! I was SO impressed by Ashley and her knowledge of how to care for and love the animals that she breeds. She also made sure I was equipped with all the essentials to properly take care of my hedgie, and checked up on her after I had purchased her. I will absolutely go to Ashley for my next purchases!!


Satisfied Mom

I recently bought a pair of sugar gliders from Ashley. They are absolutely amazing! So friendly and tame and love to play around at night. Ashley answered all of my questions regarding gliders and made it really easy to pick them up. She has been a great help and still helps answer all of my questions. Thanks Ashley!

Chase Bishop

Pleased Customer

I bought 2 sugar gliders(sisters)from Ashley, i am very satisfied, the gliders are super friendly, well socialized and healthy. It just made the whole bonding process A LOT easier(in less than a week) the gliders were so friendly i was amazed and surprised!



Im am the VP of the rescue Group " Save Our Sweet Hearts" located in SW Florida. I've ordered Raptor wheels for our Sugar gliders and I can't say how happy I am with the service, the fast response, and the Product it self. When I find friendly good hearted people & Great products...I spread the word!! Keep up the good work!!

Samantha Capper ( Save Our Sweet Hearts Rescue)

Extremley Happy

If you are looking to purchase an exotic animal look no further!! I made the mistake of getting my hedgehog by another breeder . I had my hedgehog less than 2 weeks and she had 4 babies. I was also lied to about the age of my hedgehog. The breeder I got her from would not return my calls or emails. I had no clue what to do, I sent Ashley a message. Well I can not begin to tell you the help she was!!!! All of this to a stranger who did not purchase her animal from her. Can you imagine what she would be like with one of her own animals?! I can tell you one thing for sure, next purchase will be from Ashley's Animals!!!

Sarah Regan

grateful for your help

I lived in Las Vegas for 4 months and needed a sitter for my weekend trips home and during the holiday. Ashley cared for my 2 sugar gliders while I was a way. Upon my return their cage and all food dishes were cleaned .Ashley is very responsible and caring sitter. Thank you so much and we miss you!

Tiffany Battles

Sitter Services

I contacted Ashley for information on sugar gliders after I saw a mill breeder selling them in my local mall. She gave me some great advice, even though I did not buy a sugar glider from her because I live too far away, and even suggested breeders closer to me. I later decided to buy one of her cage sets and it is very well made, my suggies love it. Thank you so much!!Quotes